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There are a lot of things kids should learn, and some of them won't even show up in a curriculum. Here is my list, and it's different than what you expect.
Homeschooling can be hard. Really hard. Here is one of my favorite suggestions for how to "deal". Hopefully it will help you, too.

Homeschooling Goodies


Are your older kids not reading like they used to? Let's talk about some reasons older kids don't read as much, and what you can do about it.
Wondering if it's time to change homeschool curriculum? Here is a lesson my son learned when he asked for it to happen here.

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Parenting Goodies


If we're being honest—and I hope we are—here are five little pieces of advice for mom that I think could help you rock your momming world.
There might not be any bumper stickers celebrating the things your kids are doing, but here is why you should choose to be a proud parent of them anyway.
You bribed your kids away from the park with the promise of a Happy Meal while I fed mine sandwiches on homemade bread. Here is what I want to say to you.

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Pinterest Bustin’


We've tested some pins and done some tests. Here is (from our experience) the best way to make (and not make) a glow jar.
Lots of things are suggested for removing permanent marker or Sharpie from various surfaces, but which ones work? The Pinterest Busters that live with me decided to find out.
Rumor has it you can cut glass with yarn. Does it work? Let's just see about that...

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