15 Parenting Milestones They Don’t Tell You About

15 Parenting Milestones They Don’t Tell You About
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As kids get older, we often think of milestones like getting a driver’s license, attending prom, or having a first job. But there are many other milestones your kids will reach as they grow—milestones that are equally as life-changing, but aren’t talked about nearly as much.

Parenting milestones. How about that first time…

1 . Your son realizes he’s plugged the toilet, grabs the plunger, and successfully unplugs it himself.

2. Your daughter is in on—and successfully keeps—the white lie of why you all can’t make it to the family reunion. (wink, wink)

3. While arguing with your daughter, she spouts off a comeback that should make you angry…but you’re kinda impressed and wonder if you should stand up and applaud.

4. You think it’s your husband coming up behind you and you’re just about to…but it’s actually your son, and you’re really glad you didn’t flash him.

5. You hear your son laugh while hanging out with friends in the basement but he doesn’t sound like your son because you’re hearing something older and more mannish than your son is pretty much even allowed to be.

What about parenting milestones like…

6. Your kid accidentally overhears a totally inappropriate joke you are telling, and they laugh. Because they totally get it.

7. You realize you actually remember a good chunk of your life at the age your kids are now. Like, not memories you created from having seen pictures of yourself growing up. Actual, real memories in your head.

8 . When your son gets up in the morning and asks, “is there any coffee made?” and you don’t know if you should celebrate that now you can share with him, or be sad that now you have to share with him.

9. When you get up in the morning and your son has already made coffee. And it’s good.

10. That time you hear your kids using some term that to you means one thing but to them, in new slang, means something totally different. You think you’re being cool…but you totally screw it up.

11. That first time your daughter makes that one choice on her own and it’s a hard choice but it was the right choice…and she didn’t even ask your opinion.

It’s crazy! All the milestones. Things like…

12. That time you’re completely freaking out because you can’t access the file you need on your computer right now and your kid pushes a few buttons, enters a part of your computer you didn’t know existed, and opens the file for you.

13. When your son comes down the stairs and announces that his room stinks and he needs to do something about it. You’re so proud…and also relieved because you thought maybe he had some medical condition that prevented him from smelling his own funk.

14. When a certain child realizes that even though he could eat a horse, unexpected guests have shown up for dinner so he eats a smaller helping without you even having to give him The Look.

And maybe the biggest one of them all…

15. You think back to the middle of those busy years of infants and toddlers and preschoolers when your mother-in-law told you, “just wait. As soon as your kids hit about 7th grade, the time is going to fly just. like. that.” And you realize she. was. totally. right.

And you sorta want to cry.

Think surviving the driver's license is the only milestone you're going to hit with older kids? Nah. Here are 15 parenting milestones they don't tell you about...


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