Top 10 Hmmmschooling Posts of 2016

Top 10 Hmmmschooling Posts of 2016
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I will never forget the email I received from a reader that stated: I really love you. You’re, like, that blogger who says what everyone else is thinking about homeschooling and parenting…but is too afraid to say out loud.”

In all honesty, when I hear things like that from readers, I feel as though I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. My goal with The Hmmmschooling Mom is to be honest and genuine and real. I want to make you laugh and make you think, but most of all I want to help you realize you’re not alone in your homeschooling or momming frustrations and celebrations. It’s a set up that I think works well—I write, you read, and (hopefully) we both get something out of it.

So without further adieu, here are the posts I wrote that you read and shared the most in 2016 (according to the almighty Google Analytics).

Seven More Things You Should Stop Doing if You Homeschool

Seven Things To Stop Doing If You Homeschool


Holy moly, y’all. You had a serious love thang going on with this one. The crazy thing about this post (and its predecessor, Seven Things You Should Stop Doing If You Homeschool,) is that I almost didn’t press publish. See, I like to say the things people aren’t saying—but sometimes even I wonder if it belongs in a post. You all read and shared this one above and beyond any other post of mine last year. I’m guessing that’s either because a) you identified and agreed with it, or b) it struck and nerve and you blazed it around the interwebs with a message of let’s go egg her house. Either way, thanks for putting me on the map.


The Thing You Need to Know About Your Son’s Brain 

The Thing You Need to Know About Your Son's Brain

It required me having a toddler-esque tantrum during math one day, but I finally realized what I needed to know in order to understand why sometimes my sons and I don’t understand each other.

Moms of boys—can I get an amen?

I’m not sure if this post spoke to you so much because of the information it gave about boy brains…or because you were relieved someone else occasionally has toddler-esque tantrums about math. (Amiright?)


5 Things Homeschool Moms Should Not Base Their Worth On

5 Things Homeschool Moms Should Not Base Their Self Worth On

I know. Homeschool moms who have it all together are rockin’ the meal planning and actually get dressed every day. Their kids understand math and how to diagram a sentence.  These moms have never locked themselves in the bathroom with a secret stash of chocolate. Or animal crackers. Or wine.

Actually, I’m kidding. I don’t know a single homeschool mom in real life who lives like this without fail every day. And you know what? They’re still killin’ it. Here’s a post in celebration of that.


Homeschool Community – Why Can’t We Get Along?

Homeschool Community: Why Can't We Get Along? - The Hmmmschooling Mom

Judging my the emails and comments I receive, this post either really speaks to you or really doesn’t, and I think it completely depends on where you live and/or who you associate with online. I wrote this post from personal experience and stories that were shared with me. It’s safe to say that in most cases, this post struck a nerve.

Repeat after me: homeschoolers should support each other in their adventures. You should give chocolate freely. Offer your shoulder. Zip your lip if you feel Judgey McJudgerton coming out.

Be a nice homeschooling mama. Your kids are watching—and so are the public school parents.


What Kids Think About Homeschooling

What Kids Think About Homeschooling

What happens when readers send questions to my two sons about having always been homeschooled? This post. Peel back the curtain a bit and take a look at our homeschooling experiencefrom my sons point of view.

What do they think is awesome? What do they not like? Do they want to go to public school next year for high school? They answer lots of questions. And it’s charming because I didn’t edit their responses, which means you can see a bit of their…um…personality shine through.



Awesome Things about Homeschooling that can Backfire

Awesome Things About Homeschooling That Can Backfire

Homeschooling is great, you know? The flexibility. The freedom. The second breakfasts…

But, dang it, homeschooling is not perfect. There are a few things I’ve figured out over the last almost decade of homeschooling**, and some of them have to do with homeschoolish time bombs that might be waiting to explode. Things can be awesome…but awesome things can also be hiding little gremlins that gnash their ugly teeth at you later. Just be aware.

**By the way—almost decade of homeschooling? What the what? How did that happen?


4 Tips for Being a Parent People Like

4 Tips to Being a Parent People Like - The Hmmmschooling Mom


I hope that someday we will all have had enough of the competition between parents—enough so that the competition comes to an end.

I mean, none of us actually like Judgey McJudgerton, do we? So let’s not be one. This post gives tips on how to step away from it. If you’re the person who needs to read this, you’re welcome. If you know someone who should read it, you’re welcome again.



Homeschoolers: Stop Doing Projects

Homeschoolers: Stop Doing Projects


In a world of Pinterest and Instagram, homeschool mama eyes can sometimes glaze over with all the glittery options of a fun way to learn something. We cut. We paste. We create. But might there be a point where the projects get out of control? Do we need a project to drive home every concept or historical event that we teach? (Spoiler alert: No, and this post explains why that’s okay.)




You Might Be A Homeschool Mom If…

You Might Be A Homeschool Mom If... - The Hmmmschooling Mom


Well, sure. If you know what the terms Saxon, Charlotte Mason, and morning basket refer to, you’re probably a homeschool mom. But this post is not about that. This post is more about you have what OMG WHAT? in your freezer for a science experiment? This post gets down to the nitty gritty (and the hilarious) with several different homeschooling mamas. And if you’re really a homeschooling mom, you can probably identify with what they admit.



Bonus: Other Fabulous Bloggers’ Top Ten Lists!

My Most Popular Blog Posts from 2016


Oh, hey! Want to know the top posts of 2016 from some of my blogging friends? They’re all in one convenient place right here. I always like reading people’s top tens—it’s like the best of the best, baby!


Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and settle in for some good reading. You’ll probably giggle, maybe cry, and hopefully grab a new idea or two to stick into your homeschooling adventure.




I hope that 2017 will scrawl even more humor, support, and encouragement across the pages of this blog. Thanks for joining me on this adventure! If ever you want to contact me with a question, comment, or idea, you can find the best ways to reach me here.

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