Save time and money on college with CLEP test prep

Save time and money on college with CLEP test prep

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College is expensive. The mere thought of a university education—and the crippling debt it can incur—strikes fear into the heart of most anyone who plans on attending. But lean in close, friends, because I’d like to tell you about a little thing (that apparently not everyone knows about) that I like to call CLEP test prep, and how the awesome peeps at have set my sons off on the right foot on their journey towards college.

Hold up. What is CLEP?

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is made up of 30+ exams that help you earn college credit—real, live college credit—while requiring less time and money than a traditional college experience. Passing these CLEP tests proves you understand the material in the course and grants you college credit.

Actual college credit, y’all.

Yes, that means passing a CLEP test is a cheaper, quicker way to college credit than taking the longer, more expensive class at your local university or college.

Let me say that again: passing the CLEP test gives you the same credit as if you’d taken the longer, more expensive class at your local university or college.

Give me one reason why this isn’t the most amazing program for you to take advantage of?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Thanks to the fabulous CLEP test prep options available at, my sons will get a jump start on college, and save money in the process.

So how does work into all of this?

I want to tell you about a little thing called

I received a six month subscription to’s CLEP test prep product for free and was compensated for my time. Y’all know that my opinions are honest, and I don’t review anything if I can’t give my real opinion. The end and amen.

The purpose of’s CLEP test prep product is to help prepare you for a CLEP test. You work at your own pace to complete college level test prep courses with the intention of mastering the material and being able to successfully pass the CLEP exam for that course.

Which, if you haven’t caught on by now, means you pass the course and don’t have to pay college prices but still receive the full credit just like you would if you took the course at the college (and paid full price).’s CLEP test prep product — what you need to know has a huge library of things to choose from—we’re talking over 70,000 lessons—everything from History to Science to Math to Spanish…and lots more!

Working with is easy. In using it to help with your CLEP test prep, you will:

1 . Choose your course and add it to your dashboard. A course is made up of many chapters (with multiple lessons within each chapter) and generally takes several weeks to complete.

 2. Watch the 5-10 minute videos that make up each lesson. There are also text transcripts of the videos if you need to look at something closer (or are more suited to reading the lesson rather than watching a video).

3. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson to check your understanding and retention.


4. When you’re completely done with the course, you can take a practice test for the course.

Not sure what a full CLEP test is actually like? No problem.’s practice tests help you out before you take an actual CLEP exam. The practice test questions will help you to become familiar with the kinds of questions that will be asked on the CLEP exam.

The great thing about the practice tests is that will help you figure out your areas of strength and weakness in that particular course so you can figure out what you are solid on and what you still need to work on before the CLEP exam. will tell you what questions you got wrong, give you the correct answer, and even remind you where it was found in the course you took.

Note: offers three different plans. To be able to earn college credit and do proctored CLEP testing remotely through, you need to choose the College Accelerator Plan. The other available plans will prepare you for the CLEP test, but you will need to set up the actual CLEP test yourself with your own testing center, which will incur an extra fee.

Note: While family members can share one account for test preparation, if you plan to have more than one child take the actual proctored CLEP exam through, each child will need their own account.

What we liked about’s CLEP test prep product

After looking through the available coursework, my boys chose to enroll in Abnormal Psychology and Intro to Natural Sciences. Here are some things we really liked about how is set up: gives you a personalized study plan. You  set an end date (your CLEP exam date) and will create a study schedule to help to keep you on track in order to be finished with the course by the date you’ve chosen. It’s a great visual for the student to understand how much work they’ve got ahead and be able to plan accordingly.

The courses are completely independent. is set up in a way that gives students absolutely independent work they can complete at any time. 4 am? Not too early. Midnight? Not too late. The coursework is accessible whenever they’re ready to do it.

My sons learned the importance of taking notes, which is not anything we’ve ever needed to do thus far in our homeschool journey. It also gave them the opportunity to understand the best way to take notes for their particular learning styles.

Thanks to the fabulous CLEP test prep options available at, my sons will get a jump start on college, and save money in the process.

Straight from the mouths of my teens who used it…

“I like because it is a cost-effective way to prepare for college. The videos are fun and the animation gets the point across. I would recommend as an inexpensive way to get college work done before college.” Colton, 15 years old

“I like the division of lessons within chapters. It’s in little bits that you can do one at a time or a whole bunch at once. I feel more prepared for college with the setup of” Simon, 14 years old

My kids have actually requested to continue using until they enroll in college full time through Minnesota’s PSEO program as homeschooled juniors. And I’m just going to point out this is saying a lot, because they are currently 8th and 9th grade.

Potential issues with

At first glance, some might feel the cost to be prohibitive. Ima come right out and tell you that’s College Accelerator plan—the one you need to use for the option to take proctored CLEP exams right through—is $199 a month.

But folks, let’s talk perspective here.

Using with the intention of CLEP testing out of college classes is actually the cost-effective option! You do realize how much a college course costs, right? Not to mention how l-o-n-g a traditional college course takes to complete.

Thanks to the fabulous CLEP test prep options available at, my sons will get a jump start on college, and save money in the process.

The purpose of is to save you money on preparation for CLEP exams which are, by nature, already designed to save you time and money on your path to a college degree. wants you to succeed, and part of that is helping to make the journey to college affordable for you. That’s why they even have a CLEP test scholarship. Fill out the application for the chance to win one of three CLEP scholarships from

Note: if your child has an idea of what college they plan to attend, check with that college regarding whether or not they accept ACE (American Council on Education) or NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service) courses or CLEPS. Both ACE and NCCRS are credit recommendation bodies that has credit recommended courses through, and many of their courses are credit recommended by both institutions.

Some colleges also have limits on how many courses they will accept CLEP tests for, so be aware of that as well.

Interested in checking out Here are three awesome things you should know about:

  1. has a free 5-day trial you can sign up for. What a great opportunity to poke around and figure out how it’s all set up!
  2. Guess what else? Through May 31, 2018, is offering a 20% discount on the first 3 months of’s CLEP test prep product with the coupon code HOMESCHOOLFORCLEP (for new members only.)
  3. And for those of you who are super-fast— as in, this ends March 14th—you can enter’s giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a 6-month subscription to’s CLEP test prep product —each subscription is valued at $359.94. Enter’s giveaway below!


CLEP testing offers a great solution to the staggering cost of a long college education. Thanks to the fabulous CLEP test prep options available at, my sons will get a jump start on college—and save money in the process as well.