CRRC Podcast 001: Welcome to the Crazy!

CRRC Podcast 001: Welcome to the Crazy!

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Welcome to the Crazy Real, Real Crazy Podcast. (See that black bar right up there under my social media share buttons? Tap play to listen!)

What the what? Really, Amy? A podcast? Why are you starting a podcast?

It's a podcast, y'all! Join me for the Crazy Real, Real Crazy podcast from The Hmmmschooling Mom.

Yes, indeedy, folks. A podcast.

In this short introduction episode of the Crazy Real, Real Crazy (CRRC) Podcast (found at the top of this post—that little black bar between the social media share buttons and my blue affiliate statement), you will learn:

  1. why I’m starting a podcast,
  2. what you’ll get from this podcast,
  3. what my kids think about the intro of my podcast, and…
  4. why I’ll probably never be a cool mom.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this! I’m actually sorta dorking out about it. (Trying super hard to be cool. Trying…and utterly failing.)

Welcome to the Crazy Creal, Real Crazy podcast - come along for the fun with The Hmmmschooling Mom!

I’ve got so many things planned! I’m looking forward to talking about things we want to talk about, things we need to talk about, things that no one else talks about…you can bring your coffee mug or your wine glass with as you listen. I won’t judge. I’ll bring the chocolate chip cookies and the mini marshmallow topped ice cream. I’ll even share.

I’ll address listener questions. I’ll occasionally have guests. I’ll discuss all the things. I’ll even let my teen boys talk. (Don’t worry. I mean, it’s not that scary. There’s always an edit button.)

I’m hoping you will join me for the weekly Crazy Real, Real Crazy (CRRC) Podcast, so I can encourage you about homeschooling, parenting, and life. Give me 20ish minutes in your week, and I’ll give you a giggle, a belly laugh, a smile, or a moment of deep thought…and the promise that when we’re brave enough to be crazy real with each other, we realize we’re not alone in this journey.

I’m excited to let you into my life. Looking forward to the crazy real, real crazy fun!

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Looking for a podcast about homeschooling, parenting, and life? Welcome to the Crazy Real, Real Crazy Podcast (brought to you by The Hmmmschooling Mom) where we discuss all of these things in a crazy real, real crazy way!

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