Homeschool Science: an experiment on plant transpiration

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Did you know that plants lose water through their leaves? Some trees lose as much as 15,000 gallons of water within a 12 hour period! (World of Adventure, Dorian Holt.)

Here’s a super simple but very visual demonstration of transpiration (water loss through leaves) that even a young hmmmschooler can do. First, find yourself a lovely leafy green plant in your yard.

Place a plastic baggie around a section of leaves.

Close it off and secure it with tape so no air gets inside.

Wait a few hours and check to see what happens.

Water droplets collect on the baggie, showing the water loss that is happening.

And there you have it! Transpiration! (Which if you have nine and ten year old boys, will cause them to talk about how transpiration is pretty close to perspiration…)