Pinterest Bustin’: Homemade paint

Pinterest Bustin’: Homemade paint

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My Pinterest Bustin’ guys love finding pins to bust. Especially when they are ones that look oh-so-perfect, like this one:

Make Your Own Paint

Aw, who can’t resist paint that looks this awesome!

The pin asks you to mix equal parts flour, salt, and water.

Make your own paint

I’m not sure what y’all think of as the consistency of paint, but this did not come anywhere near close to our vision.

We added food coloring.

Make Your Own Paint

Now we just had really thick dyed glop of some sort, not unlike pancake batter.

Painting with it did not prove to be anywhere near awesome.

Make Your Own Paint

Um, we call that a fail, Pinterest. F-a-i-l.

Once again, we have learned you can take a pretty picture and post something on Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean it works. Please, friends, before you share great ideas on social media, TEST THEM OUT!

Or…you know, just leave the testing bustin’ to us.