Will Pop Rocks and Soda Pop Blow Up a Balloon?

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A friend told me that you can blow up a balloon with Pop Rocks and soda pop. Oh really?

The theory is that if you put a balloon on top of a bottle of soda pop that has Pop Rocks in it, the gas released from the chemical reaction of said soda pop and Pop Rocks will cause the balloon to blow up.

This is a good time to tell your kids about the urban legend that if you drink pop and eat Pop Rocks, you will die. 😉

Attach a balloon to the bottom of a funnel. Pour the Pop Rocks into the funnel.

Jam a wooden something-or-other into the funnel to get the Pop Rocks to actually go into the balloon.

When the Pop Rocks have made their merry way into the balloon, fit the mouth of balloon onto the top of your open soda pop bottle, making sure to not drop the glob of Pop Rocks into the bottle just yet.

Pinching the balloon so the Pop Rocks don’t fall into the soda pop

Then, when you can no long stand the anticipation, unpinch your finger and let those Pop Rocks fall.

Wait for the magic to happen and the balloon to inflate to epic proportions.

Spark from Once Upon a Family biting his nails in anticipation

As you can see above, the Pop Rocks in our experiment just sat on top of the soda pop. I started to think it was a warning. I could hear the Pop Rocks whistling children, don’t you know what happens if you drink pop and eat Pop Rocks? Your stomach will explode…

We carefully sloshed the bottle around to get those Pop Rocks to dive further into the bottle, and…

 Hey! There’s a bit of magic!

And there’s a bit more!

Spark posing as Pinocchio

The Pin Busters had to admit that yes, this one worked. They also said if they tried it again, they would try more Pop Rocks and a round balloon instead of a long skinny balloon to see if the results were any different. I’m pretty sure what they are hoping for is a balloon that inflates so much it busts open or flies off the top of the bottle and makes a Pop-Rocky-Soda-Poppin’ Mess all over someone’s kitchen.

Ah, boys. Gotta love ’em!