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where I get crazy real about all things homeschooling, parenting, and life.

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The Episodes! The Episodes!

CRRC 001: Welcome to the Crazy (7 min)

CRRC 002: Do We Limit Tech and Internet Use (20 min)

CRRC 003: Homeschool Labels—Why They Shouldn’t Matter (14 min)

CRRC 004: Pride—It’s Gonna Mess Up Your Homeschool (20 min)

CRRC 005: Saying No—Why It’s Completely Awesome and Necessary (20 min)

CRRC 006: Always Together—Handling Relationships in a Homeschooling Family (27 min)

CRRC 007: It’s How You Raise Them…or is it? (Nature vs. Nurture) (25 min)

CRRC 008: Why Your Kids Need You To Be a Green Light Person (20 min)

CRRC 009: Dear Kids: Why You Need to Know I’m Not the Best (13 min)

CRRC 010: Why Homeschooling Older Kids Can Be Harder (22 min)

CRRC 011: 9 Reasons Parenting is Hard (14 min)

CRRC 012: The Best Homeschooling Advice…from a Teen (15 min)

CRRC 013: To the Mom Who Doesn’t Have a Tribe (13 min)

CRRC 014: Homeschooling Teens: Why It’s Easier (15 min)

CRRC 015: What Homeschooled Teens Still Need from their Parents (20 min)

CRRC 016: Why I’m Not Going to Badmouth Public School (17 min)

CRRC 017: When to Change Homeschool Curriculum, and When to Push Through (16 min)

CRRC 018: 10 Things I’ve Been Called in 10 Years of Homeschooling (23 min)

CRRC 019: When Dad is Against Homeschooling (20 min)

CRRC 020: Grade Levels: Stop Freaking Out When Someone Asks (15 min)

CRRC 021: Want Independent Homeschoolers? Two Things They Need to Learn (23 min)

CRRC 022: Dear Graduates: It’s Normal -A Reality Based Commencement Speech- (11 min)

CRRC 023: Should You Quit Your Homeschool Co-op? (14 min)

CRRC 024: Why Having Less Time Can Help You Be More Productive (23 min)

CRRC 025: The Truth About Productivity that You Need to Hear (14 min)

CRRC 026: Homeschool Moms: You are Not Always the Best Teacher for Your Kid (17 min)

CRRC 027: Where Did the Homeschooling High School Community Go? (24 min)

CRRC 028: Anxiety About Homeschooling High School? Don’t Say This… (15 min)

CRRC 029: “But What About Socialization?” The Answer We’d Like to Give… (18 min)

CRRC 030: Do You Really Need a Homeschool Room? (16 min)

CRRC 031: Teach Kids to Cook—7 Cooking Tips You Forget (19 min)

CRRC 032: Homeschool Planning Made Easy — Survey Your Kids (19 min)

CRRC 033: Boy Brain—What Moms Need to Know (14 min)

CRRC 034: Prepared for the Future—The One Skill You’ll Actually Need (15 min)

CRRC 035: Homeschooling Works. Here’s How I Know… (17 min)

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