Homeschool Mom Friends: The 7 Types You Need

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Hey, fellow homeschooling mom! We all need homeschool mom friends, right? Here are the seven types of friends every homeschool mom needs in order to sweeten up life and get through the day with minimal scarring.

Homeschool mom friends #1: the new homeschooling mom

I love moms who are new to homeschooling. Generally speaking, New Homeschooling Mom has spunk and life and energy—even if she’s totally nervous about what she’s jumped into. New Homeschooling Mom believes this homeschooling thing is so darn exciting and ohmigosh the possibility!

Speaking as a homeschool mom who is not new, those of us who have been homeschooling for awhile tend lose some of that excitement as we add years to our homeschooling resume. The fun thing about being around New Homeschooling Mom is that her gobs of excitement and energy can sometimes be infectious.

On the flip side, when New Homeschooling Mom is freaking out about something, it also helps us to look at how far we’ve come in our trust that this homeschooling thing works.

Homeschool mom friends #2: the veteran homeschooling mom

Regardless of how long we’ve been homeschooling, it’s always nice to have the opportunity to get advice from someone who has done it longer. With experience comes wisdom.

Veteran Homeschool Mom has been there and done that can give her opinion on whether she’d do it again or run away screaming. Being able to lean on the shoulder of someone who has been homeschooling longer than you can save you from believing you’re the only homeschooling mom ever in existence who has dealt with (insert almost any issue you will come across in homeschooling).

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Homeschool mom friends #3: the mom who schools exactly like you

Because yo, she knows what’s going on! Those frustrations that come with the homeschooling life you’ve carved out are exactly what Same As You Homeschool Mom is going through, too!

Solidarity, my sister!

Homeschool mom friends #4: the mom who homeschools, but has a completely different life than you

Yes, a homeschooling mom, but she’s the radical unschooler to your classical mojo. She’s the scheduled-out, follow-the-plan, Monday through Friday to your my husband travels constantly for business and our school schedule is dictated by when he’s home.

Completely Different Homeschool Mom helps us to remember that a) homeschooling is a hugely broad term, encompassing many families from many walks of life, and b) there are at least a gazillion and fifty ways to get the job done.

We all need friends, right? Here are 7 types of homeschool mom friends that we all need in order to get through the homeschool life with minimal scarring.

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Homeschool mom friends #5: the mom who doesn’t homeschool

We all get in a perspective rut, regardless of who we are. Mama Who Doesn’t Homeschool can help us break out of I only see the world through a homeschooling mom’s eyes.

She can help you to see where even though life is tough (teaching pre-algebra makes me want to stab my eyes out with the handle of a wooden spoon), maybe it’s not so bad (I will never know the chaos of trying to get kids out the door before the bus leaves without them. Fist bumps and high fives to the moms who do that five days a week!)

She’s there to point out where you’re being a complete derp and need to change the way you look at things. Mom Who Doesn’t Homeschool is there to remind you that your normal is not everyone’s normal—and that’s something we all need to hear.

Homeschool mom friends #6: the mom who tells you what you want to hear

Let’s face it, sometimes in order to get through a really rough day, we know what we need to hear.

This lovely lady could be any of the above moms, but she also comes with the added benefit of being that person who agrees yes, your husband is being absolutely impossible for not paying attention while you rattle through your curriculum choices for the next year.

She will tell you yes, it was absolutely fine that you told that other mom at co-op she was out of line for pointing out your child wasn’t participating.

Mom Who Tells You What You Want To Hear will probably stuff your face with chocolate and keep your wine glass filled as well.

Homeschool mom friends #7: the mom who tells you what you need to hear

To be fair, this mom might also stuff your face with chocolate and fill your wine glass, but as she’s doing it, she will also tell you that maybe you actually do need to quit the co-op that you love but your kids hate.

She will point out that maybe you actually are being too hard on your boys, or maybe you need to pay more attention to your girls.

She’s the one who isn’t afraid to tell you that you’re blowing something out of proportion, someone is taking advantage of you, or it’s time to be done with the pity party.

I like to think of Mom Who Tells You What You Need To Hear as your suck it up, buttercup kind of friend. And even though sometimes we don’t want to hear what she has to say, she’s completely and totally necessary in our life.

Question: Do you have friends in your life that fill these spots for you? Which of these friends are you for your fellow homeschooling moms? Did I miss any friends that a homeschooling mom needs?

We all need friends, right? Here are 7 types of homeschool mom friends that we all need in order to get through the homeschool life with minimal scarring.

Check out my book. It’s like having coffee with that one friend that you trust to tell it like it is. You can find my homeschool advice book here: The Homeschool Highway: How to Navigate Your Way Without Getting Carsick.



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  1. This post is right on! We all need a variety of friends to help us stay balanced and sane. I need to be better at spending time with my non-homeschooling friends. It’s easy to get wrapped up in my own homeschooling world that I neglect my friends who educate their children differently. Loved this post!

  2. This is one of the reasons I enjoy being involved in our county’s homeschool group–meeting, learning from, and encouraging all the other moms. I need these ladies in my life! Thanks for another great post (you never disappoint!).

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