No, it's not homeschooling. It's hmmmschooling. Say it with me. ;)

Hmmmschooling, Not Homeschooling

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Welcome to our world of hmmmschooling.

No, not homeschooling.


What is hmmmschooling, you ask? Well. It’s setting yourself right smack in the middle of all that questioning that is a part of daily life. It usually starts to happen about the time your kids are old enough to talk and, truth be told, actually never stops.

Ah, you say. Now I get it.

You know, because you’ve been there. You’ve been in the middle of that kind of crazy. The what ifs. The how comes. The what would happens. The why do we do it this ways.

So, yes. Hmmmschooling. (Now you see what we did there.)

Hmmmschooling acknowledges and celebrates the wondering and hmmming of things like:

Mom, if we mix these two liquids together, will they cause an explosion?

How steep does the ramp have to be before we would jump our bikes off of it and risk breaking a bone?

Don’t you think math would be easier if we just related everything to zombies?

The questions have not stopped as my sons have grown older:

MOM! Can we soak some of my baby teeth in Coke?

Did you know that if I don’t have to catch the bus, there’s technically no reason I even have to be out of bed before noon?

How can I build my own computer?

But, mom…why do you believe in God?

Here’s the thing about hmmmschooling, though.

If we’re honest, it’s not just my sons who ask questions or live in constant wonder. It’s me, too. Hmmmschooling is a daily reminder that I’m asking questionsโ€”not just about life, but about homeschooling in particular. And if you’re anything like me, these questions have come to your mind as well. Things like:

Am I doing this right?

Why am I so frustrated today?

Am I giving my kids what they need?

Should we change our curriculum? Should we scrap everything?

Are my kids happy?

Why can’t homeschooling moms get along?

Why do I always feel like I’m not living up to someone’s expectations?

Are we too structured? Do we not have enough structure?

Do my kids even still like homeschooling?

(And sometimes, when I’m locked in the bathroom with some really good chocolate…) Why in the world did I ever think I could do something like this?

So welcome to hmmmschooling. My real purpose as The Hmmmschooling Mom is to really dig in to the honest ponderings of two boys, one mom, and a dad who are questioning, wondering, and just want to know, and to help you do that, too.

Now that you know what hmmmschooling means, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you’re probably a hmmmschooler as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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11 thoughts on “Hmmmschooling, Not Homeschooling”

  1. Yup! We hmmm around here a lot too. Sometimes it seems like I spend nearly every day going hmmm at some point. Good hmmms and bad hmmms.

    I think the good thing is that we think about it, you know?

  2. My girls and I hmmmm all the time. We have been at this for just over a year and when I think I am getting the hang of it, we stop and say hmmmm. I love love love having my girls home (they were in 2nd and 4th grade before homeschooling). Some things are easy for us and other things we are still figuring out. Looking forward to reading along!

  3. I wish. I'm the type to build anemometers and shadufs in the back yard, but my kids are all, "Are we done yet?" I'm still looking for their bliss.

    In the mean time, can I come play at your house?

    1. I don’t want to seem biased or anything, but I think that’s a good thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Regarding the meeting up to expectations…. Have you read the book All Joy and No Fun? I’m on mobile and can’t do it justice, but read the top comment on its Amazon page. I just recently subscribed around here but it sounds like right up your alley. It answers questions and normalizes experience without providing answers, pat or otherwise, or life advice. Just thought I’d share that.

    1. Checked it out, and….wow. Totally up my alley. Ordering. Thanks for the recommendation. ๐Ÿ™‚

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